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DNN-based Satellite Data Analysis for Simulations on TerraByte


TerraByte-DNN2Sim develops novel imaging algorithms and a data processing pipeline for the automated extraction of moving fronts and further geometric information from satellite data. We use this extracted data in simulations to advance the modelling of front evolution that is important in many research areas. We apply these methods to models of glacier calving fronts of the antarctic ice sheet. The data and developed software will also be made available for applications in other research fields.

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The TerraByte-DNN2Sim project is a cooperation of the Alfred Wegener Institute - Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research and the German Aerospace Center. It is a part of the Helmholtz Imaging Platform.

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We have launched our website. Here we will post project developments and publish software that is created. More will be coming in the...

We kicked off the project with an online meeting of all participants. We presented the project plan and contributions by the partnered...